Kanye’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ 1st streaming-only Platinum album

With his seventh consecutive No. 1 album, Kanye West is blazing trail in the unexplored terrain of an evolving music industry. Despite its mixed reception, The Life of Pablo has been streamed over 3 billion times worldwide since its release in 2016, and now, at over 1.5 billion streams in the US, is the first streaming-only record in history to achieve RIAA certified Platinum status.

Noname’s Tiny Desk Concert

Noname is super popping right now. You probably knew that already, however. And if you’re an artist deserving enough to land a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR, then you’re really super popping. Duh. Well today, the good people at NPR just released Noname’s 15-minute set, which features the Chicago star performing a medley of “Diddy Bop,” “Yesterday,” […]

Chicago’s Frontwoman Fest, 3rd year of event

"Female-fronted" is often treated like its own musical genre, talked about with a groan and a sigh, the conversation shifting from the music itself to the stigma many women musicians continue to face despite their multitudes of talent: what it's li...