Milwaukee Psych Fest V: Resistance

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Milwaukee Psych Fest V: Resistance

05/11/17 - 05/14/17
5:00 pm - 2:00 am

Milwaukee, WI

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Milwaukee Psych Fest V presented by:

Pabst, Hear Here, Cream City Music. Classic Slice, Beans and Barley, ACME Records, Reverberation Vinyl, Rushmor Records, Drawfcraft Devices, 91.7FM WMSE Radio, Ancient Artifacts, Mystery Room Mastering, Sooper Dooper, Twin Visuals, Phil Pirrone/Space Agency, Feral House/Process Media, Manyo Motors, Milwaukee Record, Midwest Action, Pizza Shuttle, Isa, Trevor, Al and Ben! Thank you so much everyone!

Thursday May 11th @ Boone & Crockett
11:00-Al Lover (DJ Set)
10:00-Heaven’s Gateway Drugs
9:00-Dead Feathers
8:00-The Harlequins
7:00-Moon Rats
Visuals by Bread Mothers
5pm. $10

Friday May 12th @ Cactus Club
12:00-Holy Wave
11:00-L.A. Witch
10:00-Mr. Elevator
9:00-Al Lover
8:00-Moss Folk
Visuals by Mad Alchemy
7pm. $15

Saturday May 13th @ Company Brewing (Two stages. One indoor, one outdoor)
12:00-Vocokesh (out)
12:30-Ravi/Lola (in)
1:00-Dirty Dancing (out)
1:30-Black Thumb (in)
2:00-Mark Waldoch (out)
2:30-Bill MacKay (in)
3:00-All Seeing Eyes (out)
3:30-Foreign Goods (in)
4:00-Drugs Dragons (out)
4:30-Calliope (in)
5:00-Snoozy Moon (out)
5:30- Def Harmonic (in)
6: 00- Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk (out)
6:30-Chatham Rise (in)
7:00-Plastic Crimewave Syndicate (out)
7:30-Nest Egg (in)
8:00-Floorian (out)
8:30-Magas (in)
9:00-Flavor Crystals (out)
10:00-Doug Tuttle
11:00-Ancient River
12:00-Kikagaku Moyo
Visuals by Mad Alchemy
11am. $25

Pre sale tickets available directly though messaging MPF founder/curator Andrew James Shelp (or email and through messaging the Milwaukee Psych Fest Facebook page:

All festival pass $40-includes admission to all three shows, an MPF button and the limited edition 2xCD compilation (mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering and duplicated by Sooper Dooper) featuring tracks from MPF V performers.

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