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Since 2013, Moss Folk’s Andrew Shelp has organized an undertaking of all things psychedelic. In its first four years, Milwaukee Psych Fest has evolved into a multi-day, multi-venue celebration of the reverb-y, droned out, and trippy elements of the catch-all genre. From May 11-13, the event will return with approximately 40 bands, DJs, and visual artists taking to three venues in as many days as part of Milwaukee Psych Fest V.

Thursday May 11th @ Boone & Crockett
11:00-Al Lover (DJ Set)
10:00-Heaven’s Gateway Drugs
9:00-Dead Feathers
8:00-The Harlequins
7:00-Moon Rats
Visuals by Bread Mothers
5pm. $10

Friday May 12th @ Cactus Club
12:00-Holy Wave
11:00-L.A. Witch
10:00-Mr. Elevator
9:00-Al Lover
8:00-Moss Folk
Visuals by Mad Alchemy
7pm. $15

Saturday May 13th @ Company Brewing (Two stages. One indoor, one outdoor)
12:00-Vocokesh (out)
12:30-Ravi/Lola (in)
1:00-Dirty Dancing (out)
1:30-Black Thumb (in)
2:00-Mark Waldoch (out)
2:30-Bill MacKay (in)
3:00-All Seeing Eyes (out)
3:30-Foreign Goods (in)
4:00-Drugs Dragons (out)
4:30-Calliope (in)
5:00-Snoozy Moon (out)
5:30- Def Harmonic (in)
6: 00- Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk (out)
6:30-Chatham Rise (in)
7:00-Plastic Crimewave Syndicate (out)
7:30-Nest Egg (in)
8:00-Floorian (out)
8:30-Magas (in)
9:00-Flavor Crystals (out)
10:00-Doug Tuttle
11:00-Ancient River
12:00-Kikagaku Moyo
Visuals by Mad Alchemy
11am. $25

Pre sale tickets available directly though messaging MPF founder/curator Andrew James Shelp (or email and through messaging the Milwaukee Psych Fest Facebook page:

Weekend passes are available for $40. Passes include admission to all three shows, a Milwaukee Psych Fest button, and a two-CD compilation featuring this year’s performers.


(Originally posted on Milwaukee Record)

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