Tamara Grant

Soulful sounds of Indiana-based Omar Apollo

“I hope you guys can play my music on the way home from work to watch your favorite Netflix original or when you’re studying in the library.” Upcoming Indiana artist, Omar Apollo, has had his state, and soon the country, buzzing over his impecca... Read More...

Breakaway Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio

This September, Kelly Clarkson won’t be the only one breaking away — though you’re unlikely to find her in Columbus, Ohio at the start of the month for the third annual Breakaway Music Festival. The hip-hop and EDM festival hosts more than 35 artist... Read More...

Tamara Grant

I'm a 22 year old hip hop writer who loves reporting about the culture. When I first heard Outkast at 7 years old I knew this was an industry I wanted to get involved in.